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Seriamor TV Series

Welcome to the unofficial site of Seriamor TV. This is a new TV channel of Russian origin, which will be launched in Latin America before the end of 2016.

The idea of Seriamor TV creation belongs to Rostelecom and local state company VGTRK. They organized a joint venture Digital Television, which will produce and broadcast Russian program to the new region.

First of all VGTRK plans to show latin american audience numerous TV series from its huge library. The stakeholders invited several regional experts, who ensured owners that Russians has much in common in TV preferences with viewers from Latin America, and the best TV shows of VGTRK in Russia would very popular here, too. Inicially Seriamor TV will be subscription only. But later it can be opened for free broadcasting. Digital TV is in discussion with major international broadcasters about potential partnership

Digital Television plans to invest 30 mln US dollars in Seriamor TV development. Russian media producers count on reaching 2 million households in Latin America in 2016, and 50 million by 2019. To increase the market share and reduce risks they will start a parallel channel Seriamor-Rossija TV in Russia, broadcasting Latin American serials to a Russian audience. Such step is quite a good incentive for a fast development because Mexican and Brazilian soap operas are very much to Russian viewers’ liking. And they watch them day-by-day with great pleasure.

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